Will worked with local fruit growers and fishermen as a young man and this sparked his interest in the seasons of food and gave him more of a respect for food and its sources. Will worked at one of our sites the Sharksfin as a commis chef when he was just 16, unknowingly 24years later he would be back at The Sharksfin as the Executive Chef for Pollocks Pub Co. 

Wills key points of interest are: Sustainable produce; Locally sourced produce; No waste, using every part of the animal, vegetable or other food; Passion for Fermentation, how this can extend the seasonal use of vegetables; Has an ambition to work directly with local suppliers; Passionate about the science behind food.

Will has a driving force to make sure all the numbers are perfect down to the OZ or £1 for every recipe, He’s a bit of a geek on the side. Will has worked with Cornwall College through Pollocks to do food demonstrations and has worked with students on Longstore takeovers at St Austell college, he wants to share his knowledge the next generation of chefs. 

His favourite dish on the new menu at the Longstore is his Dombari Bowls which celebrate fermented seasonal vegetables and Korean cooking for that salt, sweet and heat. 

Sunday 3rd October: 11am