Matthew first came to cheffing through working with his father at a local Cornish hotel, and was inspired to become a chef by being in the kitchen environment from a young boy.

His passions are:  BBQ – Fire; Smoking meats; Preserving; Rustic style of cooking; Thai & Asian styles of cooking; He has a passion to work with local suppliers; He would love to learn butchery.

Matthew currently is in the process of developing Charcuterie which will all be made in house at The Longstore for the restaurants.He is looking forward to working more with the cheese man and developing new and exciting ways to cook with cheese. 

Aspiration to have a team of young chefs to be able to develop into enthusiastic and exciting chefs for the future (Matt wants to retire knowing he can eat out with great chefs at the pass). Knowledge is power – know where your produce has come from. 

Sunday 3rd October: 11am