Nick grew up in East Sussex with his family and from a young age worked the land around their home with his brother and father growing everything from potatoes to a small vineyard. Hisfather’s job working on set for films sent him travelling all over theworld which introduced new flavours in to their home cooking from India and Thailand.

As part of his 4 year degree, Nick worked a year in industry in 2001 at a variety of Rick Stein businesses including their production unit in Padstow. In those twelve months Nick learnt a great deal from French classical cooking under Stephane Delourme at The Seafood Restaurant, toIndian and Asian styles under Mark Puckey at Stein’s Deli.

After completing his degree, Nick retuned to the company working at the production unit with Mark Puckey, taking over the managerial role there when Mark became head chef lecturer at Padstow Seafood School.

Keen to get back into a working kitchen, Nick returned to The Seafood Restaurant as chef de partie in 2007. Over the next 6 years, Nick worked his way up to senior sous chef at the restaurant learning from Stephane Delourme and inspiration he took from a two week stage in Paris at La Régalade.

In July 2016 Nick became the head chef lecturer at Rick Stein’s Cookery School.