Maria Taylor grew up in Cornwall and had an early career involved with all things to do with food, nutrition and kitchen design before nurturing an interest in teaching and training to become a cookery teacher.  She was quickly recognised for her unique combination of skills as well as her passion for sharing food and nutrition knowledge and as a result was offered a number of roles to revive flagging cookery departments around the country.

Maria returned home to Cornwall in 2018 to set up Truro School Cookery, in conjunction with Leiths School of Food and Wine. With the aim of rekindling the enjoyment of cooking from scratch and sharing a meal together, her passion for food and learning is highly evident.

She believes that with the hectic pace of modern lifestyles it can be hard to find time to cook and is also concerned at how many people are nervous about getting into the kitchen to try a new recipe. Her mission is to break down the pretention that often surrounds food and cookery schools and to create an environment where food and fun merge together. She calls it a ‘Cookery Spa Day’ and her fresh new approach to teaching cookery is infectious. She now leads a team of talented chefs at Truro School Cookery who are helping her spread the word that cooking up a feast for family and friends is achievable and affordable for all.