Hockeysmith is a Falmouth based band fronted by Annie Hockeysmith. Annie lives in a caravan on a farm in Cornwall, where the band write and record their darkly disorienting dance music. They emerged last summer and have been busy performing at The Great Escape (Brighton), Boardmasters, Thekla (Bristol), Little Orchard Festival and BBC Introducing.

Hockeysmith’s music brings to mind a more amorphous/androgynous London Grammar. There is less separation between voice and sound, it’s more of a blur. And although there is some of Hannah Reid’s genteel tone to Annie Hockeysmith’s vocals, any primness tends to get lost in the general melee. That it is to say, the vocals are smudged and smeared to the point where they become part of the overall, um, sonic picture. It works fabulously well.

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