Elly Owen started her wine career at Fifteen Cornwall and was appointed as Head Sommelier before joining Paul Ainsworth as their Group Sommelier.

Elly Owen has been working in the restaurant industry for 25 years. During this time has worked not just front of house but also in the kitchen. She spent a few years in the South west of France and enjoyed being immersed in the French culture. Elly worked a vintage at Chateaux Meyney in the Medoc, which sparked her passion for wine and became the focus of her interest when she joined Fifteen Cornwall in 2009. 

Elly initially started as a waitress at Fifteen Cornwall and gradually progressed into wine, whilst observing, learning and putting into action the knowledge she has gained over the years. Elly couldn’t be happier training new staff, writing the wine list and tasting wonderful new wines with fresh light, energy and purpose. Elly is renowned for her approachability, enthusiasm and ability to make wine accessible. She enjoys breaking down wine walls and being able to share some amazing wines with staff and customers alike.