Christine & Phil Jensen are pastry chefs, award winning cake designers and sugarcraft artists. Their cake studio is situated in the coastal Cornish town of Penzance. As a haven for food lovers, artists and sculptors, the town is the perfect base for their creativity, a place of light, beauty and inspiration.

Having established their luxury cake business Peboryon (in 2014), they were invited to became suppliers to top hotels and party venues across London and the South West.

Their recipes are deliciously unpretentious, relying on the produce of great farms, dairies, and occasionally foraged ingredients from the Cornish landscape. They love to add a little wildness to the comforting delights of feisty curds, tangy jams, silky grown-up buttercreams and intensely flavourful sponges.

As their business and reputation for great cake grew, in late 2016 they filmed with Julie Walters for her Coastal Railway program, where they showcased their innovative use of the railways to supply London’s cake needs. Christine & Phil are stars of all four seasons of Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers, which often focuses on their more unusual sculptural commissions. Day to day, their craftsmanship is sought out for both flavour and design flair by private and corporate clients across the UK and internationally, with occasional kosher commissions undertaken in London.

When not crafting and designing cakes from their Penzance base, Christine & Phil teach and present at food shows, festivals, cake shows and business gatherings across the UK, last year adding a much enjoyed and deliciously thought-provoking TEDx talk on “How cake can improve your memory”.

It was around that time they were invited to be a key part of Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers show. After a tentative ‘yes’ to the first series, they have now featured in all 4 series of the award winning show.